Through the Hornetdrive Client you can delete and recover previously deleted files.


Any deletion requests are triggered through the trash icon located in the action menu, which can be found using the arrow on the right hand side of any Drive/folder/file. Once deleted, the items will be moved to the trash folder and will remain there until someone  will manually delete the content.

You should be aware of the following:

  • Any items stored in trash will be calculated onto your storage space. In order to contain the storage space growth, the item should be permanently deleted from trash.
  • If an item is deleted, it will be removed from any clients on the next synchronization
  • Once removed from trash, an item can no longer be recovered

Empty Trash/Recover an item

Recovery as well as final deletion are handled through the “Trash” folder. Follow these steps:

1. Choose „Trash“ from the menu on the left hand side

2. Select the appropriate item (Drive/folder/file)

The trash will reflect the complete folder structure. This means if a file is deleted, you will still see the complete drive structure leading to the deleted file, even though only the file has been deleted.

3. Open the Action Menu from the right hand arrow

4. Choose the appropriate option:

  • Delete: Will delete the file for good and releases the storage
  • Recover: Will recover the file to its original storage place