You can change the password for your Hornetdrive Account via the login screen. To change it, please follow these steps:

  1. Choose „Set New Password“ from the login screen
  2. Enter your Hornetdrive Accountname and choose „Get Temporary Password
  3. Once received, use the temporary password to login. Once logged in, you should change the temporary password.

The temporary password will be send to your email address used as your Hornetdrive Account. Should the email not be received, please make sure that it hasn’t been filtered as Spam or Junk by your mail client or system.

If you are currently logged into your account from the client, then you will not see the login screen mentioned in step 1. There are two options to reach the login screen in this case:

  1. Install the Hornetdrive Client on either a new OS user or a new computer, previously not used with your Hornetdrive Account. Please consult the help of your OS or contact the vendor on how to create a new OS user.
  2. Remove the Hornetdrive Client and the local files from your computer. To do so, please follow the guideline provided here. If you are using a mobile client please follow these steps:
    • Remove the Hornetdrive Client from the device
    • Restart the device
    • Download the client again from the store (iTunes/Google Play/Windows)
    • Start the client