The speed in which Hornetdrive will synchronize data, depends on a multitude of factors, which are affecting each other. Among those factors are:

  • File size
  • Your network/internet speed
  • Available local storage
  • Available processing power
  • Possible interference by 3rd party software (e.g. antivirus or firewall)

As any of the above might affect the synchronization, it is not possible to provide a general time frame on how long a data synchronization should take. If you encounter a decrease in speed, you can perform the following steps:

1. Close any files currently being synced. If files are open, it will either delay or altogether prevent the syncing process.
2. Restart the Hornetdrive client. Make sure to completely close down the application.
3. Check if:
  • There is enough local storage available: Besides requiring local storage to store the data, the synchronization requires space to cache information during the sync.
  • Your network/internet connection is experiencing issues or sluggishness: Since Hornetdrive is an encrypted synchronization service, any issue with the network/internet connection will directly impact the sync performance. Your administrator/ISP will be able to assist you with any potential issue you are experiencing.
  • Your antivirus or firewall is affecting the connection: Any of the above-mentioned software can potentially impact the network speed or the to-be-synced-data. Should it be necessary to adjust the setting of your software, then you might need to contact your software distributer for further assistance.
  • You got enough processing power from your computer: If your device is using the majority of the processing power for other tasks, then the data processing will be delayed.

4. Increase the available cache storage from within the Hornetdrive client. This will allow the system to store larger amount of data on your device, thus increasing the processing of the data. You can increase the cache from the settings “Cache > Set Size”.