Hornetsecurity offers the possibility to import and export data from or to the email archive. Importing or exporting data is a payed service. Please get in touch with our sales department to inquire about any possible charges.


To import a limited amount of emails you can use the Hornetsecurity Outlook Add-In. For any larger amount if data, we would require a delivery via a storage medium. The emails will need to meet the following requirements:

  • The emails must have one of the following formats:
    • .pst
    • .eml
  • The data needs to be assigned by email address by either:
  • Each file mustn’t be larger than 20 GB.

When dividing the data, extend the file name with a continues number:

  • Dividing by inbox:
    • user@domain.tld.1.pst
    • user@domain.tld.12.pst
    • user@domain.tld.109.pst
  • Dividing by Archive:
    • user@domain.tld.1.zip
    • user@domain.tld.12.zip
    • user@domain.tld.109.zip

The following data structure is required:

To protect the data during transport we recommend to encrypt the archive(s) via password. If you do, please make sure to provide that password to our customer support. If not provided when the data arrives, our customer support will get in touch with you to request the password as well. Please send the storage containing the data to Hornetsecurity addressing it towards our Customer Relations department.

Once successfully imported, we will send the storage device back to you. Please be aware that we will not be able to import the data under the following circumstances:

  • The data does not meet the described requirements
  • It is not possible to access the data (storage device broken, incorrect password, etc.)
  • Some or all emails have been infected by virus

In case of virus infection, Hornetsecurity offers a paid service to filter out any affected emails. Our sales department will be able to consult you on a possible price.


Hornetsecurity offers a partial or full export of your archive data. You can export any data from our Export Manager. To log into the Export Manager please use your domain/partner access. Additional information on how to use the Export Manager can be found from the Export Manager manual. Once the export is done, you will be billed automatically, based on the number of postboxes. Please contact our sales department. if you have got any questions regarding the price.