Hornetdrive offers the possibility to collaborate with other users. For this, they need to be invited into a Drive. This will allow multiple persons to work on files and folders at the same time. You will also be able to decide on the permissions for any user being invited to the Drive.

The invitation will be carried out through the action menu of the Drive you want to collaborate on. It is not possible to invite users to single folders or files, invitations are Drive-based only. Please keep in mind, that – once you did add the email addresses to the invite list via the plus sign – you will still need to confirm the invite via the “Invite” button.

Collaboration and data volume

The available data and transfer volume will be charged to the hosting Hornetdrive account. That means you should choose – if possible - the account with the largest remaining data volume to share the files, as this would be the considered the hosting account.

Invite none-Hornetdrive users

 In order to invite other users for collaboration, you will only need a valid email address. Should the recipient of an invitation not have a Hornetdrive account, he or she will be able to create a free guest account, which will contain 100 MB of free storage. Instructions on how to setup a guest account will be included in the invitation email.