Hornetdrive offers the possibility to access the stored data, when not connected to the internet. This will sync the data locally to your machine. You can choose the location from within the Hornetdrive settings in “Drive Location”. You can set the Offline Availability for the following items:

  • Drive
  • Folder
  • File

The Offline Availability is distributed downwards from the highest point where it was set. Making a Drive available offline, means that any files and folders stored within the drive will be synced as well. Any folder made available offline will include any files and sub folders stored in it as well.

To enable the Offline Availability open the action menu (arrow from the right-hand side) from the item you want to make available and select “Enable Offline Availability” (down arrow).

Keep in mind that any data synced to your local machine will take up space on your device. To save space, you can disable the Offline Availability from individual Drives/Folders/Files.