Before removing Hornetdrive from your device, please make sure that you have got a full backup of all data stored on Hornetdrive. If you do, please follow these steps:

A. Close the client

In order to uninstall the client, you will need to fully close it first, as closing the window will not end the client. To close the client:

B. Uninstall the client

Hornetdrive contains an “Uninstaller” on Windows and macOS that should be used to remove the application. You will find the Uninstaller in the Hornetdrive folder, which is stored by default:

  • Windows: C:\Programme (x86)\HORNETDRIVE\uninstall
  • macOS: Programme/HORNETDRIVE/uninstall

Run the Uninstaller by double clicking and follow the onscreen instructions. Please follow the instructions provided here on mobile devics:

C. Remove local files

Once the Uninstaller has removed the application, you can manually remove all remaining local files, not removed by the Uninstaller. Hornetdrive will create local files on multiple locations on your computer. Their location could have been changed though by the user through the application itself. By default the files will be stored:

  • Windows
    • Local Drives: C:\Benutzer\<Benutzername>\Dokumente\Drives
    • Cache and Logs: C:\Benutzer\<Benutzername>\AppData\Roaming\Hornetdrive

„AppData“ is a hidden folder by default. To access the folder and remove the files you will need to show hidden files as explained here:

  • macOS
    • Local Drives: ~/Dokumente/Drives
    • Cache and Logs: ~/.hornetdrive
    • Settings: ~/Library/Preferences/com.teamdrive.HORNETDRIVE.plist

„.hornetdrive“ is a hidden file by default. To remove the file you will need to show hidden files by:

  • Open the Terminal Utility from the Utilities folder
  • Enter the following command line into Terminal and confirm it by hitting Enter:

defaults write AppleShowAllFiles YES

  • Restart the computer
  • Once you have removed the file, you can deactivate showing hidden data again by using the following Terminal command:

defaults write AppleShowAllFiles NO

D. Restart your device

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