Hornetsecurity offers the possibility to receive quarantined emails in a spamreport, which will be delivered to either the intended recipient or as an accumulated report to a specific address at previously specific time. 

Any adjustments and changes will be done through the Control Panel. You can find additional information from the Control Panel Help.


The spam report is part of our Spam Filter service and is offered at no additional charge. You can enable the spam report from the Control Panel in “Management > Email > spam report > spam report”.

A spam report will be released if the following conditions are met:

  • The recipient has new emails quarantined, which were not part of a previous spam report
  • The quarantined emails are aligned to a category supposed to be part of the spam report
  • The intended recipient is setup in the Control Panel
  • The intended recipient is active in the Control Panel

The spam report always contains all quarantined emails received since the last spam report was released.

For a recipient to be active, the user need to have logged into the Control Panel with their account at least once. As an alternative, the administrator can also manually activate a user by following these steps:

1. From within the Control Panel go to “Management > Users > Users Settings

2. Select the appropriate user from “User

3. Switch the status to “Active

4. Click “Save

User defined delivery times

Our service also offers the option to setup individual delivery times for each user. Before being able to set different delivery times for a user, you will first need to enable the option “Management > Email > Spam report > Allow user defined delivery times”.

The user defined delivery times will be enabled from the user settings from “Management > User > User Settings > Spam report”.

Accumulated Reports

In case the individual recipients should not receive any spam report, you can instead setup an accumulated report, which will be sent to an email address of your choice. When selecting an accumulated report, there will be no individual spam reports any more. It is not possible to run both report types at the same time.

Important: If you want to use an accumulated report, please make sure to choose the template “antispameurope accummulated Spamreport“, otherwise the spam report will not be released.

Using different languages

Hornetsecurity offers the spam report in different languages. Which language is used depends on the following factors:

  • Which templates have been added to the system
  • The language set for the user in the Control Panel

If you have not created your own whitelabled templates (see below), the system will use the default Hornetsecurity templates.

Outlook Add-In

If required, you can request a spam report any time using the Outlook Add-In. Keep in mind though, that any emails listed in that spam report will not be visible in the next scheduled spam report.

Whitelabling the templates

 You can adjust the templates to fit your corporate design. This article will provide an instruction on how to whitelable our products.