The Content Filter and the Compliance Filter can use RegExp as well as collective terms.

Collective terms

.sh .dll .app .vbx .wsf .bas .ins .pcd .sct .shb .shs .cpl .wsc .chm .msi .inf .hta .vb .jse .lnk .wsh .vbe .reg .js .scr .cmd .vbs .pif .bat .com .exe
.aif .flv .mp1 .mid .mp5 .mpa .wma .mp2 .mpe .swf .wmf .wav .mp4 .wmv .mpg .avi .mov .mp3 .mpv2 .mp2v .aiff .mpeg
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Check for Phrase 1 or 2
Limits the search phrase
Placeholder for a single character
Horn.t = Hornet, Hornat, Hornit, etc.
Placeholder for multiple characters in front of item
Prefix can appear multiple times
a* = aa, aaa, aaaaa, etc..
Prefix can only appear once or never
Out?= Out, Ou
Placeholder for any number (0-9)
Replaces any non-printable character
Space, Tab, etc.
Any character/number + underscore
a-z, A-Z-,0-9, _
Sets boundaries
Hornet\b will not trigger with Hornetsecurity
\^ \$
Defines beginning and end of a phrase
\^Hor\$netsecurity = Hor