The Hornetsecurity services are cloudbased and thus don’t require any specific soft- or hardware to run. We are offering additional software and services, which have additional requirements, that need to be met. You can download any available software from our download web site.

  • Archiving internal E-Mails: Microsoft Exchange 2007 or later with permissions to set a sending Connector
  • Microsoft Add-In*: Microsoft Outlook 2010 (32/64 bit) or later
  • Webfilter Connector**: Windows XP or later
  • Hornetdrive***:
    • Windows XP or later
    • Mac OS X 10.6 or later
    • iOS 6 or later
    • Android 2.2 or later

You can find additional information – e.g. Hornetsecurity IP-Range – from our Onboarding web site.

*Microsoft .NET 4.5 Framework system extension will need to be installed. If you require the Add-In for Outlook 2003/2007, please contact our customer support. Please keep in mind that this is a non-supported version.

**Please use the Windows 8 version to install on Windows 10

***We also offer a version for Linux RPM and DEB. Please be aware that we do not support those versions.