Our Hornetsecurity ATP Service consists of 3 different mechanisms complementing each other:

Attached to this article you will find the ATP data sheet (German only), which contains additional technical information regarding the ATP Service. We recommend enabling the SPF service as well, before enabling ATP. Further information on the service can be found in this article.

You can enable the ATP-Filter at any time through the Control Panel. To do so, you will only have to enable the service under “Management > E-Mail > ATP” and add one or multiple email address(es) that are supposed to receive the Real Time Alerts, which the service sends out in case of an identified attack. Please be aware that enabling the service from the Control Panel will only enable the ATP-Filter and not the complete service.The additional mechanisms need to be enabled through the customer support.

Important: The ATP Service offers a 30 days trial period. This time frame should also be used for possible adjustments. Please contact our sales department for additional information regarding the trial period.

You will receive an individual and more detailed time frame during the trial period by our customer support. The services will be enabled in the following order:

  • ATP-Filter
  • ATP URL Rewriter
  • Targeted Fraud Forensic Filter

We recommend a weekly intermission between enabling each mechanism, as each mechanism needs to be assessed for any possible increase in False Positives.

After enabling the ATP-Filter you will find additional filter reasons from within the Workspace.

False Positives/False Negatives/Whitelisting

Right now the ATP Service does not offer its own White- or Blacklist through the Control Panel. However, you can still release possible False Positives just like any other quarantined email through the Workspace. Releasing the email will trigger a report in the background to Hornetsecurity for analysis and adjust the filters appropiately.

Any False Positives for URL Rewriting should be reported to the customer support for adjustment.


As identifying False Negatives is crucial, we would like to receive any reports as soon as possible at our customer support.