The Hornetsecurity Aeternum Service will automatically archive any received and sent emails securely. The Aeternum Service is a paid service, which needs to be enabled manually via the Control Panel from “Management > Email > Archiving”.


To setup the service, follow these steps:

  • From within the Control Panel, go to “Management > Email > Archiving
  • Select the domains you want to archive from “Domain settings
  • Chose a time frame for how long the data should be archived
  • Save the changes

Once setup and deployed, it will archive any new emails automatically. If you are relaying your outgoing emails via Hornetsecurity, then those will be archived as well. You can also archive any internal emails as well. It’s also possible to ingest historical data as well, if required.


You can setup exception for individual addresses or groups, which will either change the duration of the archive or prevents that address(es) to be archived altogether.


The Audit-access will be provided to specific users and is limited to a time frame, which will be defined on setup. Audit-access will provide access for possible auditors. Any auditing action requires a 4-eyes-principle.

Please keep in mind that the auditor will not be able to access the Auditing-log from the Control Panel “Workspace > Email Archive > Auditing Log”. Those logs can only be accessed by an administrator.

Mark emails as “private”

It’s possible to mark emails as “private”, which results in those emails to be no longer visible for the auditors. By default, this option is only available for the administrator. It is possible to enable this option for the users via the Control Panel. If enabled, the user can choose between those options:

  • Mark as deleted
  • Mark as deleted and remove after 3 months

 Once marked as “private”, it is not possible to revert that action.