On some occasions, you might encounter emails released through the spam report being delivered multiple times. You will be able to locate each delivery through the “Workspace” from within the Control Panel.

If you experience this behavior, locate the appropriate emails through the Control Panel and check the reason code from within the duplicates for:


If all duplicates are showing this as their reason code, it means that the email keeps getting re-released from the spam report. This might happen due to multiple reasons:

  1. The URL to release the email was hit multiple times: This might have happened due a missing response from the system, confirming that email was successfully released on the first attempt
  2. The release URL will be triggered multiple times by a software: This could be the case if an antivirus or web filter software is trying to analyze the URL. To do so, the software needs to trigger the URL for every analyze attempt, which results in a duplicated release for every trigger.

Should you encounter this behavior, then check if any of the above-mentioned scenarios fits the situation. If you need to adjust your antivirus or web filter software to prevent this behavior and need further assistance to adjust the software accordingly, contact your software distributor.