Through its end-to-end-encryption, guest accounts and versioning, Hornetdrive is ideal to share and collaborate data.

You can share specific data by inviting peers to a drive. The access level will vary, depending on the permissions set for each individual user.

Sharing individual files and folders

It is possible to share individual files and folders, by creating a separate Drive for the files you want to share. However, it is not possible to share individual data from within a drive. Sharing a drive will always share all information stored in it.

You can publish individual files from within a drive though, which will allow you to send the link to individual persons, thus allowing them to access the file without the need to install the Hornetdrive client and creating an account. For security reasons, those files can only be downloaded, there is no option to upload data and collaborate on the file directly. To publish a file, follow these steps:

  • Open the Hornetdrive client and locate the file you want to share
  • From the file, choose the action menu (arrow from the right-hand side) and select “Information”
  • Select “Publish”

Once published, you can notify your peers via “Share URL”. If no longer needs, you can unpublish via “Unpublish All Versions”.

The connection itself is secured via HTTPS. The URL is setup in such a manner, that it won’t allow to identify the publishing account name from it.