The available storage depends on the license currently in use:

  • Enterprise:
    • Storage: Ab 100 GB up to max. 5000 GB
    • Transferlimit: 1 TB
  • Business:
    • Storage: 10 GB
    • Transferlimit: 100 GB
  • Free Guest-Account:
    • Storage: 100 MB
    • Transferlimit: 1 GB
  • Free 30 day Trial-Account:
    • Storage: 100 GB
    • Transferlimit: 1 TB

Transfer limit

The transfer limit is set per calendar month and will be reset at the end of each month. Any collaboration will be counted against the transfer limit.

Cloud storage

The cloud storage will be used by any data stored in Hornetdrive, which includes:

  • The data itself
  • Different versions of the data
  • Deleted data still stored in trash

To free up your cloud storage, you can perform any of the following steps:

  • Remove any no longer needed data from Hornetdrive. If you don’t want to delete the data, you can move it into a backup (e.g. an external HD).
  • Reduce the stored versions of your files
  • Reduce the items stored in trash

Local storage

Even though the majority of data is stored in the cloud, Hornetdrive still requires to save some data locally for syncing purpose. It is not possible to reduce the amount of local storage used to zero, as is the case with any syncing service. It is possible though to reduce the amount of storage to a minimum:

If the above steps do not result in the storage being freed up (locally and from the cloud), close and restart the Hornetdrive client and check again. If the storage remains in use, the please reset the cache and try again.