When re-enabling inactive Drives after re-installing the Hornetdrive Client, you might encounter that some or all Drives will be extended with “2” in their name.

This behavior can be encountered if:

  • A version of the drive was stored offline
  • The Hornetdrive Client was recently reinstalled
  • The same drive location has been chosen from “Settings > Drive” within the client

This is expected behavior, if the Hornetdrive encounters data with the same name already stored locally. To prevent any data loss or duplication, the client will automatically rename the drives by adding a “2” at the end.

To prevent this, once the client has been uninstalled, you should move the data set for offline availability before re-enabling any inactive drives. As an alternative, you can also change the local drive storage location from “Settings > Drive” before re-enabling any inactive drives.

If your drives have already been renamed, you can perform these steps:

  • Navigate to
  • Move any old offline data to another location. You can identify any files currently in use by Hornetdrive by a green checkmark next to the folder.
  • Open the Hornetdrive Client
  • Through the information menu, remove the “2” from the drive’s name
  • Save the change

 You can use these steps to change the name of any drive affected by this behavior.