It is possible to set an auditing-access from within the archive. Using this option, will enable two of your users to act as auditors, who are authorized to audit emails for a specific domain. An auditing access has the following restrictions:

  • Access is always temporary
  • It’s only possible to access emails of a limited time frame
  • Any auditing requires four-eyes-principal

Important: In its current version, the HTML5 Control Panel does not support auditing access. For the time being, please refer to the old Control Panel for any auditing tasks.


  • Open from within the Control Panel open “Management > Email > Archiving > Audit-access
  • Select the checkbox from “Activate auditing-access
  • Select a user as auditor from the user list
  • Choose a time frame for the auditing access
  • Define a time frame for emails the auditor can review
  • Select a second user for the four-eye-principal
  • Save” the changes

Start the auditing process

To start an auditing, both users need to be available at the same location.

  1. Sign into the Control Panel as the auditor
  2. Switch to “Workspace > Email Archive
  3. Select “Start auditing
  4. Let the second auditor enter their password

Once logged in you can:

  • View single emails via preview
  • Deliver emails to the email address of the auditor

To deliver an email select “Deliver” from the “User options”. Once completed, choose “End auditing”. Through this option, the auditor gets disconnected from the archive.

Auditing log

The domain admin can view the auditing logs from “Workspace > Email Archive > auditing log”. The log contains:

  • Date and time of the auditing
  • Duration of the auditing
  • Which actions have been taken on which emails

 Overview of the audited emails