You might encounter that occasionally the Content Filter will trigger certain PDFs as “executable”, even though there is no executable code attached to it. This behavior might be encountered if:

  • The email contains a PDF
  • The PDF contains URLs
  • The Content Filter contains “executable

If the following situation is met, you might encounter that the Content Filter will either detach the attachment or quarantine the email.

Hornetsecurity is aware of the situation and is currently working on a solution to this behvavior. Unfortunately, we cannot provide a specific release date, it is slated for release within the first half year of 2018.

You can use the following as temporary workarounds:

  • Release the emails through the Control Panel’s Workspace
  • Create a Compliance Filter rule for the appropriate message(s)

 Should you decide to create a Compliance Filter rule, keep in mind to address components of the message as much as possible, to minimize the risk of the rule affecting emails supposed to be quarantined.