Hornetdrive allows you to set different permissions to individual members of a drive. Those permissions set the allowed actions a user can take on files and folders on the drive. The following permissions can be set:

  • Read (Anonym): Read only, user is not visible from the user list
  • Read: Read only
  • Read/Write: Data can be adjusted and save das well
  • Superuser: Possible to invite additional members to the drive
  • Administrator: Files can be removed from the server

You can either set the appropriate permissions from the “Permission” tab when sending an invitation to the user, or from the member list of the appropriate drive:

  1. Open “Information” from the action menu of the drive. The action menu is visible when hovering over the drive.
  2. From “Information” choose “Members”
  3. From the action menu of the appropriate member select “Set Permissions
  4. Select the new permissions for the user