Hornetdrive allows you to copy or relocate files and folders from within service. To do so, there are two possibilities:

File Explorer/Finder

You can move Hornetdrive files and folders like you would any other data on your computer. You can locate the storage space on your device from within the Hornetdrive client under “Settings (gear-wheel in the top left corner) > Drive”.

Once the location was changed, the adjustment will need to be synced, which will happen automatically for as long as the Hornetdrive client is active. A successful synchronisation will be visible from a green checkmark. Keep in mind that any files removed from the Drive location will be removed from Hornetdrive altogether.

Hornetdrive client

To move data from within the Hornetdrive client, you can use the right arrow from the action menu. From the following menu you can select its destination. The action menu becomes available as soon as hovering over the file/folder with the mouse.

It is not possible to move data between drives from within the clients. It is possible to move data to a different location within the same drive. To move information between drives, you can use the File Explorer/Finder.