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Reporting False Positives and False Negatives



  • Gareth Davies

    I have read the articles referred to above and I still cannot see exactly how to report false positives via the Control Panel, OR via the quarantine reports. Am I missing something or was something changed since this article was written?


  • Jakob Rudat

    Hi Gareth, good question!

    The Falsepositive reporting is happening in the moment a correction, like a release of the quarantine, is progressed. Releasing from Quarantine Report will trigger this.
    Its a more indirect / automatic feedback loop, but it will make sure our system learns most of it from in this case: Enduser Feedback.

    Its another story with a Falsenegative: From a technilcal point of view, we let something through and without Archiving booked we are not entitled to store that. Still you can report on it like above mentioned. 

    On all cases, reports do not contain specific feedback. But its processed within a very short timeframe, like within 1 business day.

    I hope the options are convinient for you. Happy to hear from you.



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